Microsoft Office Visio

Shapes I: Introductory basics you can't live without

How to find the shapes you need, and how to tell 1-D shapes from 2-D shapes (and what that means)
Shapes II: Expertly position, stack, and group shapes

How to make shapes look good, tell your story, and do what you want them to do
Shapes III: Let's talk about text

How to put text on a shape, and how to change it if you need to (plus, how to create text that isn't part of a shape)
Shapes IV: Let's talk about text positioning

How to fine-tune the position of your shape text with the underused yet all-important Text Block Tool

Link data to diagrams I: Getting started

How data can be linked to a diagram, and how to start doing that
Link data to diagrams II: Data graphics

How to display the data in useful ways: as icons, meters, progress bars, and so on
Link data to diagrams III: Position your data graphics

How to refine your diagrams further by fine-tuning the positions of data graphics
Link data to diagrams IV: Link data automatically

How to speed up the process by linking data in an automatic bulk fashion