IP Telephony

VoIP - When does it make sence?

What is VoIP ?

Network Technology
Consolidation of data- and voice network
Maintenance and expansion of 2 networks is too expensive

Makes Sense if…
The cooperation needs a newly equipped PBX
There is a highly dynamic Network (e.g. flexible work locations, centralized administration)
A wide spread cooperate structure exists

Cost evaluation of the voice network
How flexible should my telephony be in the future?
What are the costs of expanding me PBX and what are the costs of a relocation?
What do I want to do independently, without technicians or expensive maintenance contracts?

Cost evaluation of the data network
The data network is already existing and principally voice ready
Price decline at bandwidth demand. Band width mostly available everywhere

VoIP from an applications aspect
Mobile work place / Home office thru internet
Necessity to connect knowledge (Nowadays 80% of the knowledge still resides in the brain)
Unified Communications
(CTI, Unified Messaging, …)