IT Outsourcing

Do you wish you had a phone number that you could dial each time you need help with a piece of software or hardware you just bought?

Did you know that it is cheaper to take an external IT services (outsourcing), than to employ highly specialized staff? Achieve significant savings-IT outsourcing is no more an option but a smart decision!

We can offer you a system engineer available for your Company and equipment day and night.

Our professionals have the expertise, experience, proven methodologies, and tools to help you plan, deploy, optimize and manage, solve problems, run day-to-day operations, and provide scheduled maintenance of your internetworking system.

Key benefits of IT outsourcing:

  • - Cost Efficiency
  • - Availability of trained IT staff
  • - Flexible manpower utilization
  • - Development risk minimization
  • - No up-front investments


We offer you both educational training and tutorials for the most popular computer software applications and productivity tools: Microsoft Office and other desktop applications for end users and developers. Education and training content to learn how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, FrontPage, also education and training tutorials for CSS, HTML.

Why learn Microsoft Office?

When you learn all that this suite of Microsoft Office training programs has to offer, you will be an expert user of a number of Office titles including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Outlook Project, and Publisher. Learn Office gives you the computer skill training you need to effectively use these popular Microsoft Office software titles.