Microsoft Office Acess

Understanding How Access 2003 Works

  • What's New In Access 2003
  • Starting to Use Access 2003
  • Using the Task Pane To Open A Database
  • Close A Database
  • Exit Access 2003

Getting Familiar With The Access 2003 Screen

  • Using the Acess 2003 Menu
  • Show Or Hide Toolbars
  • Move The Toolbar And Menu Bar
  • Use Toolbar Button
  • Use Shortcut Menu Using Right Mouse Click
  • Using the Shortcut Key

Getting Help And Maintenance

  • Searching for Access 2003 Help
  • Use Content Help
  • Using Microsoft Office Online
  • Use Type A Question For Help Box
  • Use the Office Assistant
  • Use Get Help In A Dialog Box
  • Search For Updates From Microsoft Office Online
  • Detect And Repair Errors In Access
  • Recover Access When It Is Not Responding

Working With Database Objects

  • Open A Table
  • Open A Query
  • Open A Form
  • Open A Report
  • Renaming An Object


  • Navigating Through Records
  • Moving To A Specific Record
  • Add Records
  • Edit Records
  • Deleting A Record
  • Delete Multiple Records

Controlling And Searching Records

  • Sorting Records
  • Find a Record
  • Filtering Records By Selection
  • Filter Records By Criteria

Creating and Customizing Tables

  • Creating A New Blank Database
  • Create A New Table
  • Defining The Primary Key
  • Rearranging Fields
  • Add A Field
  • Delete A Field
  • Changing the Data Type
  • Get External Information
  • Import Table
  • Linking Tables

Managing Relationships

  • Create A Table Relationship
  • Delete A Table Relationships


  • Create Queries Quickly

Controlling Queries Output

  • Open / Switch Query To Design View
  • Rearrange Fields
  • Deleting A Field
  • Add A Field
  • Sorting The Query Output
  • Filter The Query Output With Criteria
  • Setting Multiple Criteria
  • Hide A Field


  • Create A Form Quickly With AutoForm
  • Save And Rename A Form
  • Create A Form Using Form Wizard
  • Customising Forms
  • Working in Form Design View
  • Show / Hide Field List
  • Show / Hide Toolbox
  • Resize Control
  • Move Both Control And Label
  • Move Control And Label Separately
  • Deleting A Field Control
  • Adding A Field Control


  • Creating A Report Using AutoReport
  • Create Mailing Labels
  • Setting Page Margins
  • Change Page Orientation
  • Set Number Pages