Internet access

Internet access-Business Broadband

You want your Internet connection to be fast. You don't want to wait while files, photos, movies and music download or upload. You know that sending and receiving big files quickly can save you precious time and money.

Today's business requires fast and reliable internet access. Our broadband services ensure your business has 'always' on connectivity. Broadband Internet access, often shortened to just broadband, is a high data rate Internet access.

We can provide you with any kind of internet connection- phone line, digital cable or satellite connection.

Using our Internet connection your benefits are:

  • - 99% Network reliability
  • - High speed network links (upload/download)
  • - The best cost / performance ratio
  • - Technical assistance
  • - Backup cable connection/Cable testing
  • - Maximized performance of your business broadband
  • - Improved productivity by optimizing the online activities critical to your business success

Fiber optics-A Serious Competitor to Cable Internet

It's a unique technology that transmits data through hair-thin strands of glass fiber, using laser-generated pulses of light—and light travels faster than any other wave, 300,000 kilometers per second. The result? Mind-boggling speed, almost no loss of quality over long distances, and virtually unlimited capacity or "bandwidth."

Fiber optic high speed Internet can reach speeds up to 25 times faster than existing DSL and cable Internet connections, so there is simply no faster way to connect to the Internet. Cable Internet companies are currently able to offer Internet plans with download speeds of up to 16 to 20 Mbps. While that is incredibly fast, FiOS is able to offer a maximum download speed of up to 50 Mbps.

Besides offering the internet access, the Fiber-optic cables are also used by various wings of the telecommunication industries for transmitting cable television and television signals. There is currently no faster Internet service available for your business than fiber optic service.