Windows 7 Basics

Upgrading and Migrating

  • Assessing your hardware and Windows 7 versions
  • Upgrading from other Windows versions
  • Transferring old files with Windows Easy Transfer
  • Dealing with device drivers
  • Running a Windows XP program in Windows 7

The Windows 7 User Interface

  • Getting familiar with the desktop
  • Handling tasks with the improved task bar
  • Accessing your favorites quickly with jump lists
  • Finding files and programs with Windows Search
  • Using the Action Center
  • Keeping information at your fingertips with desktop gadgets

Windows Explorer

  • Navigating folders and their contents
  • Staying organized with your own folders
  • Choosing how your folders and user interface behave
  • Sharing and protecting folders and files
  • Simplifying organization with libraries
  • Backing up by burning to CD or DVD

Music, Photos, and Video

  • Windows Media Center
  • Playing media files with Windows Media Player
  • Organizing and sharing photos in Windows Explorer
  • Taking screenshots with the Snipping tool

Other Windows Accessories

  • Taking notes with sticky notes, Notepad, and WordPad
  • Creating graphics with Paint
  • Performing simple and advanced calculations with the calculator
  • Playing Windows games

System Settings

  • Getting under your computer's hood with the Control Panel
  • Controlling system settings
  • Controlling sound device volume settings
  • Uninstalling programs that are no longer used
  • Setting default programs
  • Exploring accessibility options

Devices and Networking

  • Connecting hardware with Device Stage
  • Create a home network using Home Group
  • Controlling what is shared on a network
  • Troubleshooting a network and Home Group
  • Reconnecting quickly with jump lists
  • Boosting your computer's memory

Windows Security

  • Keeping your PC secure with Windows Update
  • Battling spyware with Windows Defender
  • Controlling access with user accounts
  • Streamlining passwords in Credential Manager
  • Using parental controls to block unwanted content
  • Securing drives Encryption


  • Printing files directly from Windows
  • Troubleshooting printer problems
  • Printing power tips
  • Printing to and viewing the XPS file format

Backing Up and Troubleshooting

  • Finding issues in the Troubleshooting control panel
  • Sharing issues with the Problem Steps Recorder
  • Backing up folders and drives
  • Restoring files and drives
  • Handling an entire system crash