HTML Training

Getting Started

  • HTML and XHTML
  • File extensions
  • Creating and saving a web page
  • Viewing a web page in a browser

(X)HTML Structure

  • Adding the core (X)HTML
  • Declaring the encoding
  • Adding a title
  • Section headings
  • Paragraph text
  • Breaking a page into divisions
  • Creating inline spans
  • Creating a line break
  • Adding comments

Basic (X)HTML Formatting

  • Making text bold or italic
  • Quoting text
  • Adding horizontal rules

Symbols and non-english characters

  • Saving your page with the proper encoding
  • Using special symbols
  • Using non-english characters
  • Creating superscripts and subscripts


  • Inserting images on a page
  • Providing alternate text
  • Specifying width and height for speedier viewing
  • Adding an icon for your web site


  • Linking to a page on one's own website
  • Linking to an external website
  • Linking to a location on the same page

Linking to an email address


  • Creating ordered lists
  • Creating unordered lists
  • Nested lists


  • Creating a simple table
  • Setting header rows and columns
  • Spanning a cell across columns
  • Spanning a cell across rows

Styling with CSS

  • Constructing a CSS style rule
  • Internal, external, and inline styles
  • Styling text
  • Wrapping text around an image
  • Adding space around an image
  • Styling links
  • Styling ordered and unordered lists
  • Styling tables

Building a simple website

  • Creating a simple layout using DIV tags and CSS
  • Basing a template on an existing page
  • Creating pages based on the template


  • Validating your code
  • Testing your page in different browsers
  • Publishing Your Pages on the Web
  • Finding a host for your site
  • Getting your own domain name
  • Transferring files to the server