Telepresence- to serve groups

Telepresence video telephony is a higher level of videoconferencing, deploying greater technical sophistication and improved fidelity of both video and audio.

Rather than traveling great distances, in order to have a face-face meeting, it is now possible to teleconference instead, using a multipoint video phone. Each member of the meeting, or each party, can see every other member on a screen or screens, and can talk to them as if they were in the same room. This brings enormous time and cost benefits, as well as a reduced impact on the environment by lessening the need for travel –a source of large amounts of carbon emissions.

Feel as if you’re in the same room. The system, table, personal touch collaboration display and ceiling-mounted studio lighting add to the ultimate meeting experience.

The touch collaboration display delivers high definition presentation capabilities and simple control built right into the table.

Access for Everyone
The boundaries of dissimilar networks, multi-vendor systems, inconsistent quality and functional complexity are eliminated so that colleagues, customers and partners can communicate with total ease. Standards-compliant technology makes it all happen.

Personal Telepresence - one personal touch collaboration display

Telepresence T2- two personal touch collaboration displays

Telepresence T3- three personal touch collaboration displays